First Dance

A bride and groom's first dance is one of my favorite parts of a wedding reception. It's a moment (often times the FIRST moment) the newlyweds can really savor in each other's company and take in all their emotions, love, and joy! Some couples who are shy or don't want to be the center of attention choose to skip their first dance - which is completely up to the couple - but here is my attempt to convince you otherwise! :)


Just one minute of your reception is all it takes to capture beautiful candid photos of your first dance as husband and wife. Even if you're embarrassed, just remember all your guests love you and are there to celebrate your love! Have your song fade out if you want to keep your dance short and sweet. To me there's nothing more special than that moment during the first dance - whether you choose to twirl, dip, shake your booty, or just sway in each other's embrace it's a moment that is gone in a flash but the memories and photos will last a lifetime reminding you of that magical first dance.

Are you convinced yet?
Here's a beautiful song that I will be singing live for a first dance in May. We met with Andrew and Kelly this week to finalize their wedding details and I am so excited to be able to sing such a great song for them as they enjoy in their first dance together.
Brandi Carlile - 'The Story'. The lyrics are perfect. I love Brandi Carlile!