Keeping Traditions Alive

With so many new modern traditions and variations to hosting and planning a wedding. It's no surprise that some classic traditions have taken a back burner to a more modern approach to wedding etiquette. Are you scrambling to fulfill the tradition of 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue'? Many brides leave this till the last month of planning or decide not to worry about it at all. If you're interested in carrying on this tradition, look below for the meaning of each category to gather some inspiration and ideas for yourself!

'Something Old' - A connection to the past representing family history

'Something New' - Looking at  the future ahead, optimism and hope

'Something Borrowed' - Hope that wisdom is 'rubbed off' on you from the item borrowed

'Something Blue' - Signifies fidelity and true love

Erin, our first bride of 2012 was the perfect example of mixing traditional and modern elements to her wedding to represent herself and her family respectfuly. Here is a gorgeous photo of her used for their wedding announcement.