Wedding Planning From Sweden

Zappa and Sofija were such a delight to meet last month! Zappa was a dream groom as he did most of the planning all the way from Sweden.  Zappa and Sofija both stayed with some close friends at Gallows Point whom they met 10 years ago. It was a wonderful story hearing how they met online while researching their family tree and last name. It's amazing to me how the internet can bring people together even when they live worlds apart.

It was because of their new friend, Balbina Hoeffner, that Zappa and Sofija were ever introduced to beautiful St. John. Balbina owns a place in Gallows Point, and had the happy newlyweds stay with them there while they were here for their wedding.

Friends who are now was a beautiful day and a beautiful story! Here are some photos their friends took and were gracious enough to share with us - enjoy!

It was a perfect night at Maho Bay for their ceremony...they were able to move their wedding date up one day to miss some tropical weather that was rolling through that week. Thanks for being flexible! :)

Best wishes to them both! Hope to see you