Heather and Jim's Sunset Ceremony

Ellis Wedding016 Heather and Jim just celebrated their 1 month anniversary last week and I am thrilled to be able to share a couple of photos from their ceremony done by the talented Blue Glass Photography!

It's impossible not to notice Heather's beauty as well as her gorgeous custom-made wedding gown. She worked with a designer to create her wedding dress, and it just looks so perfect on her! Isn't it every girls dream to design a custom wedding dress?! We are also happy to pass on the good news that her wedding dress will actually be featured in their local paper. How exciting!

The photo below also at Trunk Bay, captures Heather's lovely blond curls...I just love that she had photos done with her hair up as well as down. Her curly locks look gorgeous!

Ellis Wedding156

Another big congrats to Heather and  Jim - we hope their lucky wedding date of 12.12.12 brings them lots of good luck, health, and happiness for many years to come!

Hopefully they are settling into married life well and that their jobs in radiology aren't keeping them too busy! :)