The Chapel Designers Conference 2013

Last week Mary attended The Chapel Designers Conference in NYC! She has returned to St. John full of inspiration, ideas, creativity, and motivation to share all her knowledge! IMG_0151

It was the collaboration of many designers that helped make the conference so valuable. Some of the exciting designers Mary was able to chat with and learn from were David Beahm, Karen Tran, and Holly Chapple!

Below are the bouquets each of the designers created at the conference. Visit our facebook page for an up close photo of Mary's fantastic creation! They were able to see David Beahm's warehouse up close and personal as he gave tips on designing on a large-scale while Karen Tran gave the designers great tips on designing floral arrangements and tablescapes to really elevate your designs!


Stay tuned for more inspiration as Mary shares some exciting new trends, as well as photos all our new goodies to add to our decor inventory.

Watch out 2013...ISW is inspired and motivated to create the custom wedding of your dreams!

Thank you to Holly Chapple for sharing these great photos...check out her blog for more amazing floral inspiration at