Inspired by the romance of lace...

I have to admit...I have a slight addiction to lace. Although it is is consistent! I have loved lace for as long as I can remember, and the good news is - it is still in style and going strong! Lace is one of those elements that will always be timeless. Use lace to add romance to your invitations...I love the blend of lace with natural elements and colors.


I love veils...especially when they have a touch of lace!  This photo below is so romantic...the added lace creates such a soft look.


I love the idea below mixing baby's breath, burlap, and lace! It's a great combination to capture a natural, elegant, romantic feel...pefect for a beach wedding!


The photos below are a great example of how to use lace on your table. Use it as a napkin ring, runner, or bow around your candles. Lace adds such a nice subtle texture to your table...with the added detail in textures, you can keep your color pallet soft for a romantic look or add bright colors with your lace to add energy for a more festive look!

runner table

Adding lace to your cake is a great way to make it unique. I love this idea below using a colored piece of lace to make it pop against the white frosting.


If you like lace as much as I do, ISW is ready to incorporate it into your wedding details and decor! Let us know what styles you love the most by sending us photos and creating your own pinterest page for inspiration.