Planning a destinatinon wedding during hurricane season!

St John has become a year round destination.  Years ago our tourist season was Dec 20- March 31st.  The wedding season on St John begins in April and runs through the first two weeks in December.  Hurricane season is considered June 1- November 30.  The months that have a higher risk of storms are Aug- October.  That however does not stop couples from traveling to the USVI to be married.  Hotel and villa rates drop during this time and the only month that is really quiet is September.  This is mainly due to the restaurants closing for a much needed rest and a bit of sprucing up. So what can you do to protect yourself during the high risk months? Purchase trip insurance for certain.  In hurricane season also looking to wedding insurance. Once company I refer is  We suggest NOT bringing group here in September.  We still do lots of elopement packages in September.  It is easier to shift the ceremony by a day or two, should the weather be uncooperative if it is a couple vs 25 guests.   Island Style Weddings is committed to providing the very best quality to our clients.  Recently the island had 24 inchs of rain in a few days, one of our couples was affected by the storm having booked at a hotel which had water damage.  We were able to move them to an alternative site,  an upgrade to where they had been staying.

We discussed their options-

Wait a few days until the weather cleared  and proceed as planned or.....come back to St John within the year and doing the ceremony, photos, flowers etc then.   They chose to do the legal ceremony on their actual wedding date and  plan to return later in the year.  We had fun marrying them at the resort and the 2 front office staff served as their witnesses.

The key is flexibility and plan B!

Congrats to Karen and Ben, they are now happily married.  They were good sports and I am looking forward to their return!