Love City Chronicles | A journey into Befuddlement

A journey into Befuddlement.

As we move into the two month anniversary of Irma, many changes and lots of progress is happening here on St John.


There is power in Cruz Bay and each day they are adding locations. It is now in Pine Peace area and up to Pastory. More restaurants are open and curfew is lifted. I have not braved driving at night as it is still extremely dark with no lights.

This week the “D.I.R.T ettes” have delivered bleach, food, flashlights, tarps, and personal products to residents. We also provide information on critical needs for a generator.

Priority listing:

1. Medical

2. Elderly

3. Families with small children

Where are the generators? No idea! We are accessing who already has generators, what make and model. The Kenny Chesney Foundation plans to bring parts back to assist in availability.

The progress St. John has been achieving is inspiring. This could not be achieved without the Bloomberg Group and Kenny Chesney Foundation. They are providing the manpower and finances to assist local utilities and medical care.

I went to Trunk Bay with my D.I.R.T team this week. It was painful to see the trees cut up and stacked like firewood.


From the side walk you can see the sea grape trees.😭

I have performed marriage ceremonies for 16 years on this beach. It has a completely different energy than before. It feels like a new beginning. It looks exposed and has much more depth. It is still incredibly beautiful, but a very different feel. 

The palm trees where so many couples have posed for wedding photos are gone.

I have found that many of us on St. John are still in a daze.  It’s as if you woke up on the moon but had no idea how you got there. 

One friend and I commiserated in Starfish, that we cannot remember what we need from the grocery store. I have to make a for list of ice, gas, bread...very basic.

As the lovely Laura Hollander said... “we are all in a state of befuddlement”. I am glad it’s not just me!

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