Choosing the right location for planning your destination wedding.

The first step to planning a destination wedding is choosing the location that works for you and your guests.  It will be a process of elimination and my suggestion is to first look at your personal lifestyle and hobbies.  Do you love the high energy of an urban setting or are you craving the serenity of an unspoiled island?   Are you adventurous or are you more comfortable with easy access to lots of services and amenities?

Once you have deciphered your type of destination, start to do some general research on a few locations- some really good sites for learning more about St John are and

Try not to become overwhelmed by all of the information that is on the web.  Once you find that you are really interested in learning more about a location, send a few inquiries out to some local planners.  In your inquiry, tell them the approximate time of year and number of guests you are anticipating.   If you have a budget  ie: the dollar number that you have to spend for your ceremony and reception- share it in your inquiry.   This helps the planner assist you with a realistic wedding plan.   A good planner will work within your budget and assist you seeing what you can afford in that destination.  Good Luck