Planning an Island Style Wedding that reflects YOU!

[slideshow]JJ and Rusty are avid boaters.  They have been visiting the US and British Virgin Islands for years.  Their  perfect vacation is to rent a trawler and  visit the many different islands within the Virgin Islands by water.  There is one particular location which is closest to their hearts, Leinster Bay on St John.   Leinster Bay is tranquil setting within the US Virgin Island National Park.  It is accessible by the Leinster Trail.  It is not unusual to find yourself swimming with a  magestic hawksnest turtle.  At Waterlemon Cay you are almost certain to see many families of large starfish as well.

When JJ called me she told me her dream was to include her favorite place in her wedding day.  She chose the " Island Style Package" and added an additional hour of photography and cinematography so that we could capture more than one location.  With so many spectacular locations in the Virgin islands, it is a great idea to add an additional hour or two of photos and video.

We decided to do the ceremony at 8:45 AM at Hawksnest beach. I love Hawksnest for morning weddings because there is NO one on this popular beach at that time.  JJ and Rusty took their dingy ( yes in her gorgeous wedding dress!) to the Leinster Trail for Love City Limos to pick them up and drive them to Hawksnest.  The ceremony at was perfect.

After Hawksnest Beach we stopped at Trunk Bay overlook and then on to Annaberg Ruins.  Soolan Nielson of Blueglass photography , Mike Williams of High Definition Video and Diane Bryan of Roses Too did an amazing job .  It always help when you have a beautiful couple who are obviously very much in love.

We dropped Rusty off to get the dingy for he and his new bride to set course for their new life.  Rusty was in the dingy looking very gallant when he realized he did not have the key to the dingy.  I must commend Rusty's calm nature as we critiqued his paddling skills.  We were the peanut gallery on shore  encouraging him "to paddle hard" as we roared with laughter.

"JJ and Rusty, As you go forward in life together, may your adventurous spirits set sail on your chosen course, navigating through calm waters & always finding warm & safe harbors. Experience all that life has to offer so that you may give back more than you take. Let your love burn as bright as the stars, & run as deep as the oceans."

Thank you for letting us be there!