Island Style Weddings 9th anniversary

Nine years ago I was given the gift of divine discontentment in my professional life.  It gave me the strength to walk into my boss at the Westin and hand in my resignation.  In the 9 years since that day of January 28, 2002, I have been blessed beyond anything I could ever imagine.  My business has continued to grow.   The best aspect of Island Style Weddings are the couples who I have been honored to perform their marriage ceremony.

In April this year Steve and April will be married.  They will join together to create a family which includes a precious  little man named Ian

On the evening of November 7, 2008, Katie & Wil Brady lost their lives in a tragic car accident.   Katie was 31 years old and Wil was only 8 years old.  The Brady family including Steve, Katie, Wil and Ian were on their way to a scout camping trip when their vehicle was struck straight-on by another. Steve and Ian survived; Katie and Wil walked with angels to heaven.

Out of  such darkness and sadness, Steve and Ian have been given a new life of  happiness and family. Her name is April.  We will all celebrate this new beginning on St john with their wedding.

On this day of giving thanks, it is right to also honor the memory of Katie and Wil.  Steve has created a foundation in their memory -

The mission of the Katie and Wil Brady Memorial Foundation is to honor the lives of Katie and Wil and to carry on their memory and their service to the community by providing financial and supportive services to causes that were dear to their hearts, including but not limited to academic advancement through scholarships and/or grants at educational institutions and development of recreational facilities as selected by the Board of Directors

Not only is this website here to support the foundation, it is also a place to go to remember Katie and Wil.  Please stop by frequently and share a thought, a Memory, or a photo you may have come across.

Love never dies, it changes form and direction but it is always there.