Love City St John, the perfect wedding location!

[gallery]St John lives up its nickname "Love City" as a peaceful gem of unspoiled beauty with great people. My couples comment on how nice people are here and rightly so. We, who choose St John as our home are a unique group. Some have deep roots from many generations born on the island, others have settled from various islands in the Caribbean as well as the mainland.

We all share a similar passion- a deep love for this tiny island called St John! With all this love around, it makes perfect sense that St John has become THE location in the Caribbean for weddings! Just as the residents here are unique so too are the couples who choose to be married here. If you love nature and unspoiled beauty St John will not disappoint you.

If you must have Starbucks, McDonald's, reliable cell phone service and all the other so called "necessities" of home. Choose another location!

In my initial conversations with couples many times they express concern about creating a hard ship by asking their guests to travel to St John.

A wedding on St John offers your guests the opportunity to celebrate your wedding and much more. What may have been one afternoon or evening back home, can become a much needed vacation, family reunion and a chance to travel to somewhere they may have never considered before.

Strong bonds and lifetime friendship are created during the wedding week. Time spent on the water sailing, sharing a drink while watching the sunset set and exploring the exceptional St John white sandy beaches make for lasting memories.

Whether you are day dreaming about a private romantic ceremony and honeymoon for just the two of you or a week long celebration with your family and friends, St John can provide it all! And you too will fall in love all over again, with each other and Love City St John.