Dances to remember

Your first dance as husband and wife is always memorable event! Some of our couples decide to have their first dance during cocktail hour as soon as they enter their reception which is a great way to get your party started while others decide to wait until after dinner when they've had time to mingle, eat, and get a few drinks in their system. Either way you go...we will assure your reception flows smoothly and that your photographer is there to capture the beautiful moment!

If you have a specific song in mind for any of your formal dances and have hired a band or live music for your reception, be sure to give them as much notice as you can...3 months is great! That way if the band doesn't already know your song selection, they have time to learn it before your big day. If dancing and being the center of attention isn't your thing many couples ask the DJ or band to fade the song out after a couple of minutes if it's a long song...However if you love to dance and are enjoying your day in the spot light - then eat it up and dance away! This is your day to shine and it goes by fast, so enjoy every moment!

If your celebration is outside, sparklers are always a fun way to get your guests involved and make for a festive celebratory photo op!

The candid photos captured during a first dance are always some of my favorites. Be sure you have hired your photographer for enough hours to be sure they are they to capture the moment so you can enjoy the photos for years to come. Your dances are supposed to be joyous, so don't stress about the song or not having the best moves on the dance floor. It's about the emotion and the celebration of the day so take a deep breath and kick off your shoes if you need to feel more comfortable.