What is your wedding style?

Your wedding day as well as the events leading up to your I Do's should be a reflection of your personalities as individuals and as newlyweds. We put together some inspiration collages based d on some classic trends vs some trendy styles that sound like a good idea at the time...but even just a couple years later can look quite dated and even tacky at times. Stick to your style but but don't let your designs take away from the beauty of your day and surroundings. 

Flower Crowns

Colorful Bridesmaids

Neutral & Pastel Bridesmaids

Colorful and Tropical Bouquets

Classic White Bouquets

Bouquet styles and trends you might want to pass on...

Unexpected Wedding Dress

Couple Style

Just be you! Your attire should be appropriate for your location and personality. If you want feathers on your dress, or suspenders under your jacket - go for it! 

Colorful Table Settings 

Neutral Table Settings

Beachy decor and details that you don't need when you are already near or on the beach. Steer clear of beach wedding trends that use shells on every surface. Shells are lovely when used sparingly but can get cheesy real quick when they are overdone.