Spotlight on the Recovery, what's new on St John.

Recently Alain Brin of Blueglass Photography and I got together to tour some of the venues and businesses on St John.  I will be blogging weekly and sharing the photos.  We will give you some insight into the recovery process for St John.    This week the spotlight is on Gallows Point Resort. 

I was very surprised when I visited Gallows Point a few day after Hurricane Irma hit.  Akhil Deshwal, the General Manager of Gallows for the past 14 years, had the staff hustling within the first few days after the storm.  None of the staff was laid off due to the storm.  Many returned after the ferry was up and running.  Their dedication to the resort was impressive.  While others (myself included) walked around shell shocked, the staff at Gallows was focused on clean up.  They did hit another glitch,  all of the new doors and window were in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria hit.  This set them back a few weeks waiting on supplies to arrive.

 Akhil Deshwal, General Manager for Gallows Point Resort

Akhil Deshwal, General Manager for Gallows Point Resort

As of our visit on January 21, 2018, Gallows has 52 of the 60 units repaired and ready for visitors.  The grounds and foliage look great, mother nature was pretty brutal to all of us but it quickly returned to a deep emerald green.

Gallows Point St John USVI

Some of the most exciting news is completion of the pool renovation.  The new pool and 2 adjacent pool decks add 6,000 square feet of space.  The project which was scheduled to be completed October 1, hit a bit of a snag from the storm.  Having a 2nd CAT-3 in two weeks certainly did not push the project to completion.  As an event planner I am delighted that we have a new location for Gallows Point guests to host their weddings.  

pool at gallows point resort

We look forward to many of Island Style Weddings guests enjoying the ease and beauty of the property.  The resort offers 60 condominium units with fully equipped kitchens, all with either a harbor or ocean view.  For groups it is perfect for enjoying Cruz Bay without concern for driving.  Gallows is a 10 minute walk from the town.  ( Children under 5 are not allowed on the property)

Gallows Point 009.jpg

Ocean 362 the signature restaurant is open with a new chef and menu, we will be interviewing Chef Paul Trujillo in a future blog.  If you remember Ten Tables on St John, you know you are in for a treat.

Akhil and Mary from Island Style Weddings

Thank you Akhil for the tour, it is great to see Gallows Point Resort looking so amazing.