Love City Chronicles | 1 month post Irma

This week has started out very encouraging.  A job fair on Saturday gave us two options to help generate revenue for the island.

The majority of the recovery program is funded through private sector. From my observation (remember I have no internet) the two organizations are Kenny Chesney Foundation (clearing debris from roads) and the Bloomberg Group.


It is effective and moving at a good pace. We are not paralyzed by government red tape. FEMA is here and SBA is SUPPOSED to be coming- we need them. So many small businesses on the island have all lost revenue.

I will be working with D.I.R.T disaster immediate relief team - they are funded by the Bloomberg Group. Both organizations are respectful of the community. Most have mentioned how great the spirit is. It's #lovecitystrong ❤️

I am happy to say the I bought a generator today. And I have something to do-I will be part of the neighborhood survey group. This is comprised of 50 st Johnians who will go out in teams of 10 and stop at every household to review damages and special needs.


This is very effective way to grasp where the needs are most. I am happy to have a part in the recovery. I feel ready now. The first 2-3 weeks I was completely shell shocked.

Imagine one day you live on a sweet island in the Caribbean for 20 years. The next day the entire island is devastated.

As the old timers say we were in need of a cleansing! Boy did we get one! I saw Ms. Irma Pickering the other day...she said just call me Pickering from now on! We forgive you Ms. Irma ❤️

Mary BartolucciComment