It's time to cut the cake!

How do you envision your wedding cake? Or is having a wedding cake something you haven't thought much about? Well I'm here to tell you today, that even if cake isn't your favorite dessert you will eat every bite of cake from Queen of Tarts. Her cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful! 

 photo credit:  Elisha Orin Photography

When planning the details for your wedding cake, there are some things you have to keep in mind here in the Caribbean that you might not have thought to consider.  Heat and humidity are the main factors.  Liz from Queen of Tarts uses real buttercream frosting for her cakes so they hold up well in our outdoor venues. I love simple texture details with some fresh blooms to add your wedding colors. Perfection. 

 photo credit:  Elisha Orin Photography

I love the simplicity of the cake above. If you like the look of fondant wedding cakes, Liz can smooth out her buttercream to create the same affect. Adding a ribbon detail creates such an elegant look and easy to do in any color you want.

If texture is the look you're after, this adorable cake below will be sure to wow your guests. I love how the colors, texture, and movement of the layers remind me of the beautiful, but still simple and of course delicious. 

 photo credit:  Blue Glass Photography 

Colorful blooms can really make a bold statement for your cake...loved the huge peonies on this cake above! Some of our couples just want a small cake (like the one below) for them to cut and enjoy while they serve another type of dessert to their guests. This gives them the option to still enjoy a traditional cake cutting for their wedding day. 

 photo credit:  Sage Hammond

photo credit: Sage Hammond

The wonderful thing about weddings these days is making your day a reflection of who you are. If that means kissing some traditions good-bye that's okay! If cake isn't your thing, think about serving a dessert that is something you both love. These mango fruit tarts were so delicious and a great tropical dessert option for your destination wedding!

These adorable cookies Liz made were almost too cute to eat...almost. What a fun option to serve to your guests! I love the idea of having these cookies in your welcome bags or welcome party too! Or maybe cookies are your thing and you want to serve a variety of cookies as your wedding dessert - go for it!

I loved how our bride and groom below had lobster mac and cheese for the grooms cake because that was his favorite! Creative and unique - they were a blast! 

 photo credit:  two one photography

photo credit: two one photography

The options are endless when it comes to your wedding dessert! Give it some thought and we'll help make your vision come to life.

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