Introducing ... Wesley

We are over the moon with the littlest addition to the Burris family.  Leah and her husband left St John last June to move to Colorado.  Leah has been a busy lady readjusting to mainland living, decorating their new home and supporting her husband with his new job as Dr of Operations at the Westin Denver Airport Hotel.  Her most recent addition to her busy life is sweet baby Wesley.

We were talking on the phone 2 weeks before her due date.  She was telling Brenda and I she had been having some "pressure" since the middle of the night.  Brenda and I are both veteran Moms with 7 children between us.  We told her we thought she might be going into labor.

Leah said she had an appointment at 1:30 MST with her midwife and would have her check her then. I sent her a short text around her appointment time.  I didn't receive a written text back but rather a picture of Leah with her brand new baby boy on her chest!!  I asked her later if she went right to the midwife after we spoke and she told me "No, I colored my hair and did the laundry".  I thing we can add "Rock Star Mom " to her list of talents.  

Leah and Aaron we could not be more thrilled for the two of you.  He is absolutely perfect, but I would not except anything but perfection in all that Leah does.

Welcome to the world,  Wesley. You are a very lucky little man.