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When Nature Throws a Curveball—Pick yourself Up, Brush Yourself Off, and Change Direction

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Since September 6, 2017, the Caribbean is regrouping, rebuilding and redefining itself. On St John we lost two resorts to the storm, Caneel Bay and Westin St John. Westin is scheduled to reopen in 2019, however Caneel Bay Resort's future is not so clear. The loss of Caneel Bay had a huge impact on the destination wedding industry.

Since losing Caneel Bay as a wedding venue, new locations have risen. One of the most exciting is Susannaberg Ruins. Rich in history, this private estate is home to the Moses, Richards and Jones family, descendants of the slaves who worked the plantation.

Recently, Alain Brin of Blueglass Photography and I visited with Ronnie Jones for a tour of the "new" Susannaberg.  Ronnie, has been clearing the extensive property for years, however our visitor in September Irma, decided he needed some assistance.  What was 1/4 of an opening looking down on to Hawksnest beach, is now 180 degrees of breathtaking magnificence.  

The location has been the site of Love City Live's Reggae in the Ruins annual concerts.  The expansive grounds provide a romantic location for dancing under the stars.  Now with the view that Irma built, we have another exceptional wedding venue.

There is a silver lining after devastation! Can you envision saying "Ï do" at Susannaberg?

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