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Spotlight on Foxy's Other-Half: Tessa Callwood

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

There are many wonderful blogs about Island girls. Ladies who said adios to stockings and the 9-5 world to run off to a tropical paradise. It’s what dreams are made of. Many daydreams are full is sugar white sand, reggae music and handsome island men to love.

With the onset of social media and the influx of ïnfulencers", did you ever wonder how in 1971 a young woman arrived on a island with no power and 100 residents mostly related to each other? Why not step back and meet one of the original Island girls?

In 1986 a young Australian lass took off to explore the world. She first headed to Italy, then Germany and off to the United Kingdom. She was working in a London restaurant when a chance meeting with the skipper of a 73 ft schooner got her dreaming of adventure. She decided to go to Gibraltar where the ship was mored to see if she could "catch a lift" to parts unknown.

Enter Philicianno Callwood aka “ Foxy” of Jost Van Dyke also a passenger on this transatlantic crossing. For 18 days they shared a cabin on the journey. Sleeping under a tarp that protected them from the leaking window, love bloomed.

Tessa, an Australian citizen had no visa for the US, so when they arrived in the BVI, Foxy invited her to work a season at his bar.  Tessa, with her one piece of samsonite luggage, wearing hot pants and over the knee  boots, arrived on Jost Van Dyke.This was 1971...and in Tessa’s words......." The day I arrived was dull and rainy and after coming ashore with my 'very durable' Samsonite suitcase - I had to watch Nordlys the 73' Schooner that I arrived on sail out of the harbor leaving it totally empty and me in the original bar with Foxy's mother Ms Romalia and  his Uncle Wilfred , I couldn't understand either - both had serious issues with badly fitting false teeth."As you can imagine there is much more to this 45+ year love story..  One season led to many seasons of expansion and growth.  Foxy's Bar began to receive world recognition. On a sailing trip to down island in 1973, Tessa realized she was pregnant with Justine, their eldest daughter.  

In 1976, they went to the court to be married, Foxy in his usual Foxy garb had no shoes on- the only shoes they could find were ladies fur lined slippers. Not really Foxy's style, so instead they had a friend walk in front and one behind to hide the groom in his  "No Shoes Wedding".

This island "power couple" have stayed strong, growing their family with the additions of Christian and Jemilla, their grandchildren as well as their world wide family who love Foxy's bar on Jost Van Dyke.  Funny how the universe sends us to places we would never have dreamed of, to find the perfect partner in which  combine your talents and creativity.  Foxy's has been the go to place on Jost Van Dyke for 40+ decades.  In the words of Richard Branson  ....  

If somebody offers an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it... say YES!! and then learn how to do it later.                     

Thank you to Tessa and Foxy for allowing an insight into Jost Van Dyke's royalty!

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